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Technology is only as good as those willing to utilise its power; the true value comes from people. Unlock this value by ensuring your people are equipped to adopt the new technology. It’s not as straightforward as simply upskilling; a cultural revolution is required within the business, one that oozes innovation. According to a study by Capgemini Consulting, ‘only one in ten adults in the US feels they have sufficient computer and Internet skills to use the digital tools they’re responsible for in their daily work’. So how can we achieve such a culture shift across an organisation?


If employees can’t hear you, they won’t listen. Reach out to your audience with timely, clear and concise messaging. Keep stakeholders up-to-date and aligned and retain employee confidence with quality communications throughout the transformation journey.
Video remains by far the most effective medium, with Forrester reporting that ‘people are up to 75% more likely to watch a video than read documents or online articles’. Video messages are easier to retain (60% over face-to-face training), whilst also presenting a human touch to the message. After all, this is people transformation too.



Innovative technology, such as machine learning, AI and IoT, is being introduced to improve and streamline business processes, however, according to PMI ‘75% of executives say they’re still waiting to reap tangible benefits from disruptive technology’.
To nurture our people into digital leaders, we need resources for learning available and kept up to date. Video libraries are great for upskilling and teaching new processes, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace, with access to content as and when they need it. Online learning typically requires 40-60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting. It’s easy to see why many individuals and organisations prefer this method.


Weave these two concepts into the fabric of the business, and you will see a new culture develop; an engaged workforce, inspired to go above and beyond their upskilling requirements and often sharing their knowledge. Getting people involved via webinars with live Q&A can bring huge value to the programme, along with support networks that allow learners to engage with one another. Watch as your people transform with the business, and as long as you keep communicating, no-one will get left behind!

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Angel Prescott – Associate Director, Corporate HR

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I had a lot of fun working with Rachel when we made training videos for the original launch of SuccessFactors at Bell. Despite deadlines being tight, the videos being produced in English and French, plus working in different time zones, we had a successful delivery. Rachel is extremely organized, and manages stakeholders effectively and has copious subject matter expertise when offering solutions. I highly recommend her.

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Jonathan Haycock – Co-Founder & Director

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Working with DXdesign has been exceptional and the video produced far exceeded our expectations. It looks professional and fits perfectly with our brand. They have been a pleasure to work with, from filming with a professional and experienced crew through to the editing process, where they were flexible and responsive to our requirements.


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LACE Partners

Rachel Mawson – Tech Adoption Practice Lead

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I love working with DXdesign. They are quick to grasp business context, they understand how to elevate technical concepts turning it into something engaging and they always come with innovative ideas.  We regularly work together to bring to life system changes, such as Workday, with a focus on driving user adoption.

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DXdesign are amazing to work with. Their attention to detail from the outset and the clear process they work through on every project means that you know exactly what you will get as a final product. Communication is second to none and the quality of support and the end product is excellent, and they represent excellent value for money too.

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Hinsdale Humane Society

Tom Van Winkle – Executive Director

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The value of the work done by DXdesign far exceeds the price of their services. In today’s world of constant communication, it’s imperative to create messaging which resonates with our adopters and donors and DXdesign did just that. Their ability to create light hearted, fun videos and QRGs with engaging messages was something I don’t find in most agencies with whom I speak.

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Mary McGuire – Change Consultant

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Rachel was my content development partner, when creating a global training program for the rollout of Workday.  Rachel and her team did an excellent job in creating some very high quality materials that made the whole experience and launch hassle free.  If you want to realise the substantial investment in a cloud platform, by helping staff to get to grips with it quickly, I would highly recommend DXdesign.

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